AIRY = fresh air

Discover air purification with plants

Plants purify the air

NASA discovered that plants clean the air the root system

One AIRY pot is sufficient to purify about 40 cbm (1400 ft3) within 24 hours; without any electricity and in absolute silence.

The result is clean, healthier air, nobody needs headaches and tiredness.

Order your AIRY natural air purifier in our online shop und get clean indoor air.

AIRY pot White Black Jack Low Res - airy cleaning system

AIRY Snow White 22cm
Black Jack
79,90 €*

AIRY pot Grey Hot CHili Low Res

AIRY Stone Grey 22cm
Hot Chili
79,90 €*

AIRY pot Snow White Late Spring Low Res

AIRY Snow White 22cm
Late Spring
79,90 €*

AIRY pot Stone Grey Honey Mustard Low Res

AIRY Stone Grey 22cm
Honey Mustard
79,90 €*

* all prices include VAT

AIRY: Winning design

Awarded with Red Dot Design Award

Special mention in category „Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care“

Winner of German Brand Awards 2017

Wirkt sofort!

Tolles Produkt und an sich leicht zu bedienen. […] Die versprochene Wirkung scheint sich bereits nach wenigen Tagen zu bestätigen.

Torsten Stapelkamp, 03. Dezember 2016

AIRY box

Ideal for larger room. With a width of 50 cm (19.7 in) the AIRY box is big enough for 2 to 3 plants, sufficient to remove about 75% of the pollutants in a room of 75 m3 (2650 ft3) over a period of 24 hours.

Order our plant together with AIRY

We have prepared assortment of the most powerful air purifying plants for you. Order your green helper in our online shop, together with AIRY and you can start purifying the air in your own four walls immediately.

Find out more: These plants are the most effective air purifiers

Spathiphyllum Einblatt im AIRY pot Stone Grey Hot Chili

befreit die Luft weitgehend von Formaldehyd, Benzol und Trichlorethylen.
19,90 €*


Erhöht nachts den Sauerstoffanteil in der Luft - ideal fürs Schlafzimmer!
12,90 €*