Which pollutants are we exposed to indoors?

.and how they affect us

We literally inhale what makes us sick. Substances that can trigger reactions evaporate from furniture, textiles, electronics and toys.

Human actions contribute as well, for example smoking, cooking, glue from arts & crafts or a fire in the fireplace.

If the occupant of a house shows symptoms that can be traced to being inside the house, it is commonly referred to as Sich Building Syndrom (SBS) or toxic home effect.

Read about the pollutants that are commonly found in indoor air and how the get there:

Formaldehyd Icon


commonly found in MDF wood, cardboard, clothing, insulation material, cleaning fluids, furniture and cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde triggers allergies, eye and nose irritations, can cause difficulties in concentrating, memory loss and poor sleep. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

Benzol Icon


occurs in many paints and printer cartridges, in plastic products, printers, scanners and copy machines. Symptoms include nausea, vertigo, headache and apathy. Benzene can damage the DNA and is a carcinogen.

Trichlorethylen Icon


occurs in printer cartridges, paints, varnishes, glue, household detergents, printers and computers. Causes skin and eye irritations and tiredness. It is a strong health risk and a carcinogen.

Toluol Icon


can be found in paint, floor coverings, computer monitors, printers, copy machines, wall paper and tobacco smoke. It causes nerve and kidney, and likely also liver damage. Toluene can damage the reproductive system.

Phtalate Icon


are used as plasticiser in plastics for consumer goods, floor coverings, toys and plastic sheets. It can cause changes to the hormones resulting in diabetes, weight gain and s classified as dangerous to the reproductive system.

Ammoniak Icon


Used in fertilizer for agriculture, when exposed to air it converts to nitrogenous compounds. Ammonia causes irritation to the skin, eyes and mucous membrane and can cause chronic cough and asthma.

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