How does AIRY work?

AIRY enables you to purify the air with plants.

Air purifying plants only absorb few pollutant via the leaves. NASA found out, that most of the pollutants are absorbed via the root system. A traditional flower pot is not as effective as AIRY. The air needs to reach the roots, for the air purifying plant to be effective.

When compared to traditional flower pot, AIRY has a unique, patented ventilation system providing optimal air flow to the root system, supercharging the air purifying plant. Air reaches the roots via the slits on the bottom of the flower pot, and the two chamber system creates a stacking effect, creating a permanent air flow past the roots.

AIRY is eight times more effective than a traditional flower pot

One AIRY – system purifies 40 cubic meters within 24 hours. That is the equivalent of approximately one room with 16 square meters. During the purification process the plant converts the pollutants to nutrients. No surprise that the plant grows and grows.

AIRY purifies indoor air without electricity and chemistry.

Learn how AIRY can help you breath better air.

How AIRY functions

The indoor air enters the pot via the slits on the bottom of the flower pot. The stacking effect causes a permanent air flow past the mineral substrate (or soil) and the roots, where the air is purified.

The unique construction of the AIRY pot results in air pruning of the roots, limiting the outward growth of the roots, while creating a strong root network. This combination of air pruning, strong root network and ventilation of the roots creates an effective indoor air purifying system. Up to 40 cubic meters can be purified by one AIRY pot within a 24 hour time period.

The green thumb is free

AIRY supports the well being of your plant. The combination of ventilation of the root system and the water reservoir enable the plant to grow healthily. Our own experience and the feedback of our customers show, that the looking after a plant in an AIRY pot requires little time and effort.

It is easy to plant with an AIRY. Have a look at our instructional video how easy it is!Handgriffe, die wir Dir in unseren Videotutorials vorführen.

The time and effort to look after a plant in an AIRY pot is greatly reduced thanks to the built in water reservoir. And repotting is not necessary thanks to the naturally occurring air pruning effect.

Download our AIRY brochure if you want to find out more about AIRY and air purification with AIRY.

Gutes Produkt!

Ich habe zwei AIRYs bepflanzt. Ich denke, es ist ein gutes Produkt. Im Büro habe ich festgestellt, AIRY verbessert die Luft. Der Raum riecht nicht mehr so unangenehm nach Chemie.

Manu, 05. Februar 2017

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Air up your life - Die Infobroschüre über luftreinigende Pflanzen und AIRY

Air up your life

A journey through the world of air purifying plants.

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Air up your life - Die Infobroschüre über luftreinigende Pflanzen und AIRY

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AIRY works for you, so that you always have clean air.

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