Since he was a child Helge Knickmeier had bad allergies to pollen and household cleaning products. In 2009 he stumbled upon the study by Dr. Wolverton “„Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement“, a study that was commissioned by NASA. He discussed the studies with Horst Meißner and Karsten Kleeberg (who are they, why are their names relevant) , but his search for a flower pot that ventilated the roots of indoor plants was not successful.


Alexander v. Bismarck commissions Horst Meißner und Karsten Kleeberg to develop a flower pot, that can incorporate the research results of the NASA study. In the same year patent applications for the newly developed flower pot are filed in multiple countries.

At the same time Helge Knickmeier is researching air purification through indoor plants at his home in Spain.

Image: Kai Pohlmann, Peer-Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier.


In 2005 Helge sold his business in Spain and registered Green Innovation Systems GmbH. At the same time he filed patents for his own development of a flower pot that ventilates the roots of plants.

Together with Alexander v. Bismark, Prof. Günter Irmler and Phillip Graf von Hardenberg they register a new entity, the BIKH Lizenz GbR als Patenverwaltungsgesellschaft to commercialize both flower pot patents.


A third patent, which improves on the design of the second patent, which optimises the design is registered worldwide. This design is sold under the name PolluSan – System in Germany.

BIKH Lizenz GbR licenses the patents to IrconTrade GmbH, owned by Prof. Irmler and Graf Hardenberg in 2007. Graf Hardenberg is looking for licensing partners to commercialise the patents.

The sole licensor, Eric von Porthan, fell ill shortly after starting to commercialise the product through his company Vitalizer Deutschland GmbH and was not able to continue.

Since all other shareholders were preoccupied with other ventures, the patents remained unused until 2013.


In the meantime Helge and his partner Horst Meißner had built a business manufacturing and selling irrigation hoses out of recycled tires. Helge left that business to focus the marketing of the patented Polusan flower pot.


BIKH Lizenz GbR licenses all patents to Green Innovation Systems GmbH. Green Innovations started selling Pollusan products on Jan 15, 2014 in Germany. Sales commenced online to test the acceptance of the product with comsumers through analytical tools, product reviews and user comments.

In the spring of 2014 Helge Knickmeier met Peer Arne Böttcher.


Peer-Arne Böttcher buys all patents from BIKH Lizenz GbR and registers AIRY GreenTech GmbH with his partners Helge Knickmeier and Kai Pohlmann.

Next steps: AIRY Systems plans to grow twofold

The first step is to digitalize the existing flower pot systems. Sensors in the soil will provide feedback to the consumers about the well-being of the plant. The consumer will be able to access the data at any time on the smartphone.
It is our desire to demonstrate that the air quality inside the house is improved through the use of the AIRY pot system. In order to achieve that we will as our second step develop air quality sensors that can monitor the pollutants and provide feedback to the consumer about the changing air quality of the surroundings.

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